Teens working with Sebastopol police attempted to get people to buy them alcohol in town Saturday night and in 22 attempts they had one person agree.

Officers arrested Ricardo Herrera Hernandez, 21, of Sebastopol, on suspicion he provided alcohol to a minor, a misdemeanor crime, reported Officer Dennis Colthurst.

The teens also tried to buy alcohol themselves at five businesses but were turned down each time, Colthurst said.

Officers conducted the operation Saturday night from 5 -8:30 p.m.

The teens approached people at six locations as they approached the business, telling customers they were under 21 years and hoped the person would buy them some alcohol, Colthurst said.

At the 7-Eleven store on Pleasant Hill Avenue, Hernandez agreed and they gave him money. The young man bought them each a 24-ounce can of beer, Colthurst said.

Officers arrested him nearby. They cited him and released him to appear in court on an appointed date.

The effort was funded by a state grant aimed at reducing teen access to alcohol.