A 15-year-old Ukiah boy was arrested Sunday on suspicion of trying to poison his mother with drain cleaner, Mendocino County sheriff's officials said.

The boy told deputies he put the substance in her morning coffee because she'd punished him for bad behavior, Lt. James VanHagen said.

His mother, a 44-year-old Ukiah resident, brought her son to the sheriff's office on Low Gap Road Sunday after being treated at Ukiah Valley Medical Center for ingesting the substance, VanHagen said.

The woman told deputies that she'd been drinking a cup of coffee early Sunday at their Ukiah home near the airport, and when she took a sip after leaving it on the counter for a short time, the coffee had a distinct chemical taste.

She found an open bottle of Drano, a caustic and highly toxic liquid used to unclog drains, which she believes was poured into her cup, officials said. She contacted poison control and then went to the hospital.

After initially denying that he put anything into his mother's coffee, the boy eventually told deputies that he did pour the cleaner into his mother's coffee when she left the room and that he would kill himself or her if he had the chance again, according to VanHagen.

The teen told deputies he was angry at his mother for taking away his computer privileges and keeping him out of school sports, VanHagen reported.

His mother said she punished her son after learning that her son had been acting out lately and had stolen from his mother, opened a fake web account for an adult website, and took her vehicle without her permission, VanHagen said.

The teen was arrested and being held on on $250,000 bail at the Mendocino County Juvenile Hall on suspicion of attempted homicide, authorities said.

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