Santa Rosa and its middle managers have agreed to concessions that will save the city about $515,000 for the budget year starting Friday.

The deal, approved by the city council Tuesday, allows for the 103 employees represented by the Santa Rosa Management Association to take furloughs equal to 68.5 hours, or about a week and a half of unpaid time off.

That's equivalent to 3.3 percent of salary.

The agreement also increases the health care costs for workers. Co-pays will go up on all plans and premiums on more expensive plans will rise, said Human Resources Director Fran Elm.

Council members thanked the employees but also hinted that the time for short-term fixes such as furloughs was coming to an end.

"It's not lost on the council that furloughs do not solve the problem in the long-run," Councilman John Sawyer said.

About $230,000 of the savings is applicable to the city general fund, which has a $1 million deficit expected to be made up through employee concessions. The city's largest union, the 440-member Santa Rosa City Employees Association, is at an impasse in negotiations and has called for a mediator.

City Manager Kathy Millison has said she is confident employees will offer at least $1 million in concessions.