<b>No accountability</b>

EDITOR: This recent investigation showing that the parks department had $54 million in two separate accounts misses a couple of important points. While the deputy director was fired when the news came out, he probably made decisions to protect the money for the department because the state Legislature and governor routinely borrow from one account to pay for expenses in the state budget.

An IOU is issued but never paid back. A classic example is the raiding of the recycled bottle accounts. Remember when people used to return their bottles and get back their 5 cent deposit? Then the bottles got recycled at our homes and the money increased in the account except for those few actually going to a recycling center. The Legislature, with the governor's compliance, would issue an IOU to this account and use the money for other expenses. But the money is never paid back.

If California was a public corporation, it would be criminally indicted for accounting fraud and material misrepresentation like Enron and Bernie Madoff. But when the Democrats do it, Attorney General Kamala Harris, a Democrat, looks the other way.

Why is there no accountability in Sacramento?


Santa Rosa

<b>Standing for nuns</b>

EDITOR: The showdown between the Vatican and the Leadership Conference of Women Religious ("Nuns face choice in Vatican crackdown," July 29) is entering another stage. The leadership conference is meeting in St. Louis, beginning Tuesday, and will decide what actions to take in response to the Vatican's harsh assessment.

We who support the nuns will continue to stand with them. Our vigils outside St. Eugene's re-convene at 6:30?p.m. Tuesday. We join thousands of Catholics who yearn for a hierarchy less obsessed with power and more committed to compassionate service.



<b>GMO initiative</b>

EDITOR: The California Democratic Party has just announced that it officially endorses Proposition 37, which would require labeling for most genetically modified foods sold in stores within the state.

Though this is a very important endorsement, it is vital that people understand that this initiative has nothing to do with political parties and is about protecting our rights as American citizens and, in particular, as California residents to our freedom of choice.

There are many Republican officials who endorse this effort, and Republican voters who support this measure are also encouraged to contact their elected representatives to express their support and ask that they add their name to this proposition.

This issue does not pay attention to party lines and any illusion of separation should be erased as we work together for a common goal, for that is one thing that has been so dearly missing in today's politics.

Let's make sure we remember that this is an ethical issue and keep the politics out of it as much as possible.



<b>Licensing bicycles</b>

EDITOR: I am very sorry that yet another bicyclist has been killed ("5th cyclist killed in county," Wednesday). When I first read about it, I thought to myself, "The first thing they will think to do is put a stop light on that Intersection." It won't help. The best thing to do is ban bicyclists from that part of the Fountain Grove Parkway. But that won't happen either.

Bicyclists sail right through the stoplights and stop signs on Fountain Grove. I have seen it happen many times. In Oakmont, most bicyclists never stop at the stop signs and ride right through Wild Oak trails even though there are huge "No Bicycles" signs. Ban bicycles, skateboards and roller skates from Fountain Grove? That won't stop them.

How about licensing bicycles, just like automobiles, and requiring bicycles riders to have a license, just like drivers of automobiles? That might work.


Santa Rosa