Sunday's Letters to the Editor

<b>Census queries</b>

EDITOR: I read with great interest that the Census Bureau will be dropping the word "Negro" and redefining some racial/ethnic terms ("Changing how we define race," Thursday). I think I have a solution to the problem. How about if the Census Bureau just drops all of the racial and ethnic pigeonholing? All that serves is to divide us, rather than unite us. It is way past time that we see us all as Americans rather than encouraging the endless, and pointless, division.

Or is that too simple and elegant for the bureaucrats?


Rohnert Park

<b>21st century taxes</b>

EDITOR: Thursday's paper had a letter crying about fees being assessed for fire protection ("State money grab") and fines for traffic violations ("Phony amnesty"). Welcome to the Republican world of no taxes but still provide government-sponsored service. You will pay taxes no matter what if we are to have any government. Fines and fees are the taxes of the 21st century.

Proposition 13 was the first mortal wound to fair taxation. Now, layoffs of government employees leave a hole in services to citizens. This is including fire protection to rural farms and estates. Many of these estate families pay less in property taxes than most homeowners who recently purchased their American dream home.

Government needs money to function. We have the most imbalanced tax system in the world. Get used to it, or elect patriotic politicians who want our nation to survive. We need leaders who aren't bribed with corporate money to fulfill their selfish desires. The 1 percent need to step up and contribute to American values, not corporate greed and personal selfishness.


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