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Monday's Letters to the Editor

<b>Missing paragraph</b>

EDITOR: The Press Democrat ended Wednesday's Associated Press article about the presidential campaign with the quote from a Kansas City steelworker ("Romney blasts Obama welfare changes"). This happens to be a very sad situation that is being run as an Obama campaign ad that claims Mitt Romney is not concerned about the death of this man's wife.

At the least, readers needed to be able to read the following paragraph you conveniently left out. Here it is so your subscribers can hear both sides:

"The timeline for Romney's role at Bain, the plant's closing and the woman's death raises questions about the legitimacy of linking the events. Romney left Bain Capital in 1999 to lead preparations for the 2002 Winter Olympics. Although he retained his official standing as Bain's founder and chief executive until 2002, his campaign says he didn't have a managerial role. The plant closed in 2001 and the steelworker's wife died in 2006."

Some readers form opinions based on what they read in the papers, and to exclude this paragraph certainly presents a one-sided, dishonest view of this situation. This campaign is extremely important to decide the fate of the United States, and readers deserve to have an honest presentation to form a true picture of each candidate.



<b>Losing our souls</b>

EDITOR: How much are we willing to pay before we realize we're losing our souls, becoming only commodities to be further manipulated by companies such as Safeway with their "just for you" scams ("Cheaper prices — just for you," Friday)?

Not only do we give up our privacy, but a program that changes prices to entice buyers to buy more is unfair and unjust, not just for you but for anyone who chooses to opt out of this scam.

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