Seniors living in Oakmont are edgy and extra vigilant following about a dozen recent burglaries, some committed minutes after a resident left on an errand.

The anxiety level at the east Santa Rosa retirement haven looks to assure a big turnout at Tuesday's meeting of the Oakmont Village Association. The key issue:

Whether the OVA board should accept the advice of its own ad hoc committee and place security cameras at both Sonoma Highway entrances to Oakmont. In the event of a crime, the security firm would give police a videotape showing all the vehicles entering and exiting Oakmont at about that time.

Some residents say it seems that the same OVA board that wanted its security committee to act quickly now drags its feet over cameras.


HOG HEAVEN: <MC>The happiest sight in Oakmont Wednesday was Alice Campbell, 92, waving from the sidecar of a Harley Davidson.

Alice, who is in hospice care, had remarked to caregiver Judy O'Donnell that she'd always wanted to ride in a Harley sidecar. Judy had a private word with a friend in the Harley Owners' Group.

Alice was all smile and helmet as Bob Roberts gave her a spin, accompanied by seven other HOGs.

"I've never had such a good time," Alice told Bob when it was over. He fired back the ultimate sidecar compliment: "You make good ballast."


QUEEN ELIZABETH <MC>will be in Sebastopol on Sunday, but don't expect her to rattle on about the Olympics.

A theatrical reincarnation of Elizabeth I (1533-1603) will grace a public meal at Sonoma Wine Shop/La Bodega. It's a prelude to Much Ado About Sebastopol, the fall renaissance faire that raises money for the city's schools.

The folks behind Sunday's mini-faire ( swear the real Virgin Queen couldn't tell herself from the impersonator who'll hold court alongside Gravenstein Highway.


ONE PHRASE <MC>stood out in a glowing Chicago Tribune preview of City Winery, a grand, new restaurant/music hall/winery in Chicago.

Reporter Steve Johnson wrote that "it actually will be a working winery, a little slice of Sonoma County on Randolph Street."


SOME EDITOR <MC>probably dinged Johnson for not calling City Winery "a little slice of Napa County." But any more, Sonoma is likely to get top billing.

If you missed it, the August issue of Sunset features a Sonoma-Napa face-off that scored Sonoma superior — by a single point.

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