An elderly Oakmont man was arrested Saturday in connection with the apparent road rage collision Thursday that injured a bicyclist.

Harry E. Smith, 81, is suspected of chasing cyclist Toraj Soltani 100 yards onto the Oakmont Golf Course before hitting him with his car.

Smith was driving with a license that had been suspended because of a road rage incident on Highway 101, Santa Rosa police said.

Soltani, 47, who runs Mac's Delicatessen in Santa Rosa, suffered a fractured wrist that required surgery and also severe scrapes and bruises his elbows, leg and buttocks.

Sgt. Steve Fraga said Smith had also been involved in at least two other aggressive encounters with cyclists, but none that resulted in such injuries.

"I don't know what prompted it, but we do have him identified in three cases," Fraga said. "This guy is involved in some rage toward cyclists."

"We have a compound fracture. We've got a guy chased onto a golf course 300 feet and deliberately hit and he suffered some pretty serious injuries. This one is a little bit more than a shouting match, that is for sure," Fraga said.

Soltani, who picked Smith out of a photo lineup, said Saturday he was glad that police got him off the street.

"It is a huge sense of relief, it feels good," Soltani said. "This isn't the only negative encounter he has had with cyclists and I am glad he can't do it to anyone else."

Soltani said he was riding on Pythian Road at 5:15 p.m. Thursday when a motorist came alongside and began yelling, then swerved and bumped into him, but didn't knock him off of his bike.

Soltani said he took evasive action, riding onto the sidewalk, making a U-turn and then turning onto an Oakmont Golf Course cart path, only to be pursued and hit from behind.

Smith was arrested at 12:30 p.m. Saturday in a car driven by relatives that was leaving his Valley Oaks Drive home in Oakmont, Fraga said.

Police searched the home and found Smith's car, a gold 1997 Toyota Avalon, in the garage with a broken passenger side mirror and debris from the golf course on the undercarriage.

Smith is being held in Sonoma County jail on $100,000 bail on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon and battery causing serious bodily harm.

Police arrested Smith after a tip by Rose Zoia, an avid Sonoma County cyclist, who had a run-in with Smith last October and at that time took down his license number.

Fraga said that Zoia was riding through Oakmont when Smith began yelling at her. She attempted to talk to him at a stop sign, but he continued yelling.

Zoia contacted police on Saturday after reading of the Thursday incident in The Press Democrat.

Fraga said that Soltani picked Smith out of a photo lineup after Smith was arrested.