An assault rifle and a camouflage suit favored by military snipers were among the dozens of items seized in connection with last year's robbery of nearly $1 million from a Santa Rosa armored car company and an alleged second heist attempt earlier this month.

Police also collected passports in the Aug. 7 raid on the homes and businesses of the three suspects, who remain in custody after their arrests last week, as well as documents suggesting recent travel.

At one location they took airline ticket receipts and currency from Costa Rica and Guatemala.

Other seized items could hint at how the money was spent. Police impounded a 1963 Chevy Impala and took receipts for motorcycle and car purchases.

The laundry list, contained in search warrant documents, was obtained as the men appeared in court Wednesday.

Two of the suspects, Juan Dominguez, 26, and Shawn Geernaert, 33, denied the allegations while the third, suspected ringleader Monico Dominguez, 39, said he would wait to enter a plea.

Monico Dominguez, the brother of Juan Dominguez, is the only one charged in last year's robbery in which masked gunmen slipped into Garda Armored Car Services on Northpoint Parkway and made off with cash.

Prosecutors said in court documents that the elder Dominguez was planning to strike again when he and the others were arrested. The documents refer to an unnamed informant who attended meetings with the men, donned body armor and drove with them to the Garda warehouse on Aug. 6. Investigators believe they were attempting to steal an armored car containing up to $3 million.

Prosecutors allege the plan was to drive it to a cabinet shop owned by Geernaert on Dutton Meadow and remove the money. All are charged with conspiracy. If convicted, they face life in prison.

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