EDITOR: I would like to correct the Tuesday letter headlined "Anti-Catholic Democrats." The new health care law does not provide direct federal funding for abortion, except in cases of rape or incest or to save the life of the mother — the same rules that currently apply to Medicaid.

In fact, the new law states specifically that federal funds are not to be used for coverage of any other kinds of abortions and that only premium dollars paid by individuals out of their own pockets may be used to pay for coverage of other kinds of abortions.

Personally, I believe the decision to have an abortion or not is a woman's choice, and the government should not be involved in that decision.

The new law does give women greater control over their health care. For two examples: maternity benefits will be mandated, which are currently not typically covered by insurance plans in the individual market; and it prohibits insurance companies from charging more because of gender.

I would hope that all women (Catholics included) would appreciate the health care reform law's intent to provide accessible, quality of care to all.