Harry Smith, 81, of Oakmont is out of jail. And some people who have encountered him over the years will tell you we had better be extra cautious on the streets, especially when we're on bikes.

Long before Smith's arrest Saturday on suspicion that he rammed his car into cyclist Toraj Soltani, his behavior caused people at taverns and on golf courses to wonder what his problem was.

Golfer Tony Kielhofer recalled that more than five years ago Smith threatened him and the late Jack Levar with a golf club in the Oakmont clubhouse.

Kielhofer said Smith, a man with a slight build and hair-trigger temper, was agitated over a score and was so threatening to Levar that Kielhofer intervened.

Kielhofer said he's the better part of a foot taller than Smith and much heavier, but that didn't stop Smith from threatening to take the club to him.

"There's no trying to explain things to him," Kielhofer said. "He flies off the handle."

Among others who say they've felt Smith's wrath is cyclist Rose Zoia, who led police to Smith with the license number she jotted when a profane older man verbally accosted her on an Oakmont street last fall.

Toraj Soltani, who suffered a severely broken wrist and other injuries when a motorist chased him onto an Oakmont golf course last Thursday, said he had a previous run-in with Smith, too.

Toraj said he was riding through Oakmont in the past two months when a man he now concludes was Smith drove up and shouted profanities and demanded he get out of Oakmont.

"The guy cusses profusely," Toraj said.

If that's all Smith did, we wouldn't worry that he might drive again — despite the suspension of his license following a road-rage incident.

Now that he has posted bail and left the county jail, the people close to him need to make sure he doesn't get a golf club in his hands, much less the keys of a car.

QUITE A QUILT: Seven children in two low-income, working families will check out their own rooms in their own homes Saturday morning, when Habitat for Humanity dedicates a pair of new houses on Sebastopol's Litchfield Avenue.

A sweet moment will come when each child receives a handmade, personalized quilt made by volunteers with Welcome Home Quilters.

And later Saturday, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., the quilters will show some of their creations and earn some money for materials for the Habitat quilts at a needlecraft show and sale at Westside Road's Rochioli Winery.

BOEHNER & BRATS: Speaker of the House John Boehner lunched at The Wurst in Healdsburg prior to a Republican fundraiser early this week in Sonoma County's Wine Country.

The sausage joint's Charles Bell says Boehner's security agents sipped water while he ate, but later filtered back to have what he had.

It ended up a good day for sales of Green Bay brats and salted caramel milkshakes.

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