Emotions ran high, to be sure, at the Sebastopol City Council's hearing on the sharply debated proposal to build a national-chain drug store and bank branch on the prominent site of the defunct Pellini car dealership.

But for the most part, proponents and foes of allowing a CVS/Chase retail center at the easterly gateway to downtown were civil.

So it's not as though slings and potshots were flying when a member of the Sebastopol Planning Commission walked across the packed community center hall to say something outrageous to west county Supervisor Efren Carrillo.

Clare Najarian said to Carrillo, within earshot of others, "You're not welcome here. You don't belong here."

The supervisor said later, "I was somewhat shocked."

Carrillo had other business in the district earlier that evening and had arrived late to the standing-room-only hearing. The development proposal is a major issue in Sebastopol, he said, so he wanted to be there to observe.

Najarian supported Carrillo's opponent in the 2008 5th District election and she opposes the CVS/Chase project. She gazed at Carrillo, then walked over and told him he had no business being there.

I phoned Najarian's home and left a message asking what prompted her to say what she did to Carrillo. I was out when she phoned back and left a brief reply:

"I'm asking you, as a member of your exalted profession, to focus on the real issues facing our town and our county."

Sebastopol Mayor Guy Wilson is aware of the commissioner's affront and chose not to pass judgment.

Wilson did say that the words attributed to Najarian "sure don't sound good," and he believes it was "entirely appropriate for Efren to attend an important public meeting in Sebastopol."

RESERVED — WOZNIAK read the sign that placed four good seats off-limits at another packed Sebastopol Community Center event — a concert by Roger McGuinn, co-founder of The Byrds.

Sure enough, the best-known of the patrons who occupied the seats was Steve Wozniak, who founded Apple Computers with late friend Steve Jobs in 1976.

Wozniak grooved to the 69-year-old McGuinn's revival of "Mr. Tambourine Man" and "Eight Miles High." At intermission he stayed in seat and fiddled with his iPhone.

EX-COP LAUDS EX-CON: Word is that former street crook Manuel "Manny" Santiago has worked hard and stayed clean since he went to prison after attempting to outrun SRPD Officer Lucia Wade, who was running after him in 2009 when she was hit by a car and nearly killed.

Today, Santiago will be honored for buckling down and, as part of his rehabilitation, completing a behavioral therapy class. Through his probation officer, he invited ex-officer Wade to his graduation.

Wade, who loved being a cop but was forced by her injuries to leave law enforcement, said knowing that Santiago is remaking himself makes her feel much better.

"I'm looking forward to shaking his hand," she said.

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