<b>Ryan and Rand</b>

EDITOR: Paul Ryan credits Ayn Rand as his most influential guide in politics. Forget the Hollywood version of "The Fountainhead" with handsome Gary Cooper and Raymond Massey. Rand also wrote non-fiction. "The Virtue of Selfishness" is a must-read book.

It was the course text in Philosophy 101 in college. My professor was a disciple of Rand, as Ryan is. Rand believed that selfishness was the only rational motivation for our wealthy elite. They shouldn't pay any taxes — zero, zilch, nada. If you don't work, regardless of the reason — fired, old, child, disabled, lack of skills — you should get nothing from government.

Government existed, Rand said, only to provide strong police protection for the wealthy from the expected depredations by everyone else. There was no voting. She never mentioned a moral or ethical thought about the middle class. Rand wasn't interested in job creation or medical care, yet when she developed lung cancer she signed up for Social Security and Medicare.

Beware ideologues such as Rand and Paul Ryan. Read "The Virtue of Selfishness," and decide for yourself when you vote, all you independents, if it's what America needs, not jobs.


Santa Rosa