EDITOR: It seems that The Press Democrat is emulating the likes of Fox News, using fake numbers and scare tactics to sensationalize its anti-Occupy stance. Damage in Oakland from the Jan. 29 protest is way overestimated at $3 million. While we at Occupy Santa Rosa do not condone violent protests, one has to consider, if reporting accurately, the accounts of local protesters who say police boxed in protesters without warning or chance to depart before proceeding with their own violent march and arrests.

Flag burning by a few individuals does not describe the movement, just as Koran burning by a Christian preacher does not define Christianity. No one but your editorial board anointed those few stupid protesters as spokespeople in order to justify your conclusion that the Occupy movement is in ashes. The only thing in ashes, besides that flag, is the credibility of your news organization, vis-?vis the Occupy movement.

Did you ever ask why 40 police in riot gear were required to evict 50 sleepy campers in Santa Rosa? A "quasi-public institution to distrust and oppose"? Occupy is open, transparent, creative and vibrant. Anyone can find us and participate. Many positive events are upcoming. We are continuing the fight for the 99 percent.


Santa Rosa