EDITOR: Palm Drive Hospital once again has a new financial partner: Marin General Hospital.

With all the opportunities Palm Drive had to keep our tax dollars within Sonoma County, where we desperately need the commerce, here it is sending our parcel tax money to the wealthiest county in the state, Marin County.

Currently, Marin General is accusing Sutter Health of looting millions of dollars and taking the money out of its community. Sutter maintains that most of the money taken from Marin General was "excess working capital." It's all the same squabbling over profits again, isn't it?

Sonoma Valley Hospital now has Measure A, the extension of its parcel tax. On and on it goes. Passage of one extension makes the others think they can make more later, too.

Good taxpayers of west county, remember, there is no ending date to the parcel taxes we pay to Palm Drive, and they will be back again with their hand out for an increase. Say no next time, and keep your money in your pocket. Medical insurance is high enough.