Twelve California teens are being honored for the remarkable things they do for others, and two of the 12 are from Santa Rosa.

Allyson Ahlstrom, 16 and a Cardinal Newman junior, created Threads for Teens, a sophisticated boutique that serves abused, neglected or disadvantaged girls without the means to pay for nice clothes.

They don't pay at Allyson's shop in Windsor (

Allyson aspires to place shops in all 50 states. And she dreams of attending Harvard.

Xiaoyi "Michelle" Shao, who's 17 and a senior at Maria Carrillo, was prompted by her love of dance to create "Chance to Dance" and offer free dance instruction to low-income members of the Boys & Girls Club.

Michelle, who at age six came to the U.S. from China, feels good that "Chance to Dance" is being emulated elsewhere. Her Prudential Spirit of Community Award is a second piece of good news.

She's also been granted early acceptance to Harvard.

Lucky Harvard.

A BENCH FOR KEVIN: The sweetest idea I've heard lately is to dedicate an art-beautified park bench to the memory of street person Kevin Christopher Fitzgerald.

Kevin was the homeless man who died in mid-December when he walked into the path of a pickup on Highway 101 in downtown Santa Rosa.

We learned following his death that for nearly three years he'd supported two children in Africa's impoverished Senegal by sending ChildFund International $56 each month from his disability check of about $600.

His family, City Hall and ArtStart, the program through which young artists have created delightful murals, benches and signs in Santa Rosa, all love the idea to have an Old Courthouse Square bench custom painted to honor the memory of Kevin and other local people who've died on the streets.

An art bench for Kevin will cost about $3,000. Donations can go to the ArtStart Memorial Bench account, 386626, at Redwood Credit Union.

COME ON DOWN! It wasn't longtime Santa Rosa banker Sherrill Stockton's idea, during a recent RV trip to Southern California with four pals, to attend a taping of "The Price is Right."

So guess which of them was got picked to sprint onto stage, hobnob with host Drew Carey and bid for a prize?

The episode featuring Sherrill, a senior vice president with Exchange Bank, will be broadcast on CBS the morning of Monday, Feb. 20.

Oh look, that's a bank holiday. She really is lucky.

MAKING IT: Every eye should be on CNN at 11 a.m. Sunday when Sebastopol's Dale Dougherty tells how and why Americans should start making things again.

Dale created the popular Maker Faire and co-founded O'Reilly Media. His vision for America once again being a place of innovation and production will fill Sanjay Gupta's half-hour "Next Listers."

As CNN notes, Dale believes "you don't have to be a genius to make things. You just have to follow your natural curiosity — and begin."