<b>We need Romney</b>

EDITOR: When I read lines such as "confronted by obstructionist Republicans in Congress, (President Barack Obama) did well to get anything at all through" ("Four more years?" Sunday), I can barely contain my rage. Democrats don't want to acknowledge Obama's first two years in office when Democrats controlled the House and Senate.

Instead of focusing on tax incentives for private employers to hire more workers, he chose to ram his government takeover of health care down the throats of the American people. His we-know-better attitude pervades his every move. News flash: Government is not the solution to every problem. Government jobs can't save the economy. All they can do is drain it.

As a public school teacher, I'm aware that it takes about eight private sector workers at my salary level and tax bracket to pay for my job. The idea that if only the 1 percent would pay more, our economic woes would be over is patently absurd.

Democrats are counting on people who do not understand free enterprise to continue to vote for bigger government and higher taxes. I'm sick of it. We need a businessman in the White House. We need Mitt Romney.