Sunday's Letters to the Editor

<b>Carrillo must go</b>

EDITOR: Sonoma County Supervisor Efren Carrillo's arrest for using violence in a brawl underscores his emotional immaturity. We, the voters, will not tolerate this kind of behavior. We want politicians who are diplomatic peacemakers, not those with an eye-for-an-eye attitude that only results in this kind of violent behavior. No matter how justified he feels about this behavior, it clearly shows the character of one who lacks basic communication skills, for whom it is more important to prove himself right rather than settle a dispute in a peaceful and mature way. Carrillo needs to resign, now.



<b>A little perspective</b>

EDITOR: Congratulations to the kids on the Petaluma National Little League team. I have heard from several around town that you are a great bunch of kids.

However, a little perspective is in order. Primarily for the adults. Anointing these boys as "heroes" is going way too far. It is also unhealthy for the boys themselves as they progress through life and look to find perspective in their accomplishments.

Heroes stormed the beaches of Normandy. They died on Iwo Jima and flew missions over the South Pacific. Heroes died in places that most adults can't find on a map, like Papua New Guinea, Chosin Reservoir, Da Nang and Fallujah. They are dying still today in Afghanistan.

The boys deserve congratulations from the adults in their lives. They also deserve perspective on their accomplishment and to be helped with their homework and encouraged to keep their grades up in school.


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