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We don't just cover the North Bay. We live here.
Did You Know? In the first 10 days of the North Bay fire, we posted 390 stories about the fire. And they were shared nearly 137,000 times.
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<b>Carrillo must go</b>

EDITOR: Sonoma County Supervisor Efren Carrillo's arrest for using violence in a brawl underscores his emotional immaturity. We, the voters, will not tolerate this kind of behavior. We want politicians who are diplomatic peacemakers, not those with an eye-for-an-eye attitude that only results in this kind of violent behavior. No matter how justified he feels about this behavior, it clearly shows the character of one who lacks basic communication skills, for whom it is more important to prove himself right rather than settle a dispute in a peaceful and mature way. Carrillo needs to resign, now.



<b>A little perspective</b>

EDITOR: Congratulations to the kids on the Petaluma National Little League team. I have heard from several around town that you are a great bunch of kids.

However, a little perspective is in order. Primarily for the adults. Anointing these boys as "heroes" is going way too far. It is also unhealthy for the boys themselves as they progress through life and look to find perspective in their accomplishments.

Heroes stormed the beaches of Normandy. They died on Iwo Jima and flew missions over the South Pacific. Heroes died in places that most adults can't find on a map, like Papua New Guinea, Chosin Reservoir, Da Nang and Fallujah. They are dying still today in Afghanistan.

The boys deserve congratulations from the adults in their lives. They also deserve perspective on their accomplishment and to be helped with their homework and encouraged to keep their grades up in school.



<b>Election endorsements</b>

EDITOR: I, for one, am hugely disappointed that you won't be offering election endorsements anymore ("A change in PD policy on elections," Sept.?2). I didn't always agree with you, but I found your analysis and recommendations very helpful, a good place to start in my own consideration of candidates and issues.


Rohnert Park

<b>George Will's America</b>

EDITOR: No one would call George F. Will opaque in his opinions, but his Thursday column was particularly enlightening ("Obama follows Democrats' radical tradition"). Though I was unable to listen to the Republican convention platform, I did not realize that it included a plea for the status quo and mediocrity.

Specifically, Will says that in 2012, Americans want from government not flights of fancy but sobriety, not ecstatic evocations of dreamlike tomorrows but a tolerably functioning today. Not this American, Mr. Will. Not this American.


Fort Bragg

<b>College for some</b>

EDITOR: Bittersweet news on the college front: The Doyle Scholarship program is back in action but state universities close doors to resident grad students. What? I congratulate Exchange Bank and Santa Rosa Junior College for improving educational opportunities. However, I am dismayed and outraged that our state colleges made this decision ("We need to make appropriate enrollment cuts and that, unfortunately, has to be California residents," said CSU spokesman Mike Uhlenkamp).

Are we, California residents, funding a system that is now denying us the very services we pay for? If I want to return for a master's degree, or my children want to pursue advanced degrees, we will be told, "Sorry, can't do that here."

I'm speechless at the insanity of this situation. How do we protest? What is the state university budget? Who earns what? Are housing allowances more important than educating Californians? In light of the 2009 report by the Public Policy Institute of California projecting that the state is on track to fall one million college graduates short of employer demand by 2025, Californians deserve (and pay for our college system to provide) the opportunity to fill those jobs.

Read all of the PD's fire coverage here


Santa Rosa

<b>What's in a name?</b>

EDITOR: A letter writer stated that renaming the paper would be desirable because "they don't call it The Press Democrat for nothing" ("Paper's new policy," Wednesday). How true. Gaye LeBaron provides an excellent treatment of The Press Democrat in her "Santa Rosa: A Nineteenth Century Town." The newspaper was originally named the Sonoma Democrat, as in Dixie Democrat. LeBaron explains that the Santa Rosa Valley of the 1800s was known as "the state of Missouri" because so many of the early settlers came from that area. The Democrats of early Santa Rosa were strongly pro-Confederacy, and the "Sonoma Democrat" was usually in the thick of things, sometimes seditiously so.

We have a rich and surprising history in Santa Rosa, reflected in the layers of meaning behind the name Press Democrat. Let's not flatten history in favor of the insipid.


Santa Rosa