San Diego police officials say their investigation into the Labor Day street fight that led to Sonoma County Supervisor Efren Carrillo's arrest is complete and will be forwarded to the city attorney today or Friday.

The city attorney will determine whether or not to prosecute the case, which police officials have deemed a misdemeanor, meaning it will not be handled by the San Diego County District Attorney.

At the time of his arrest, after a 2:10 a.m. fight outside a San Diego nightclub, Carrillo, 31, was jailed on suspicion of felony battery causing serious bodily injury and disturbing the peace, a misdemeanor.

Police officials this week downgraded the case. "Based on the statements of the witnesses and the course of the investigation, that was deemed to be the best course of action," said Lt. Andra Brown.

Carrillo's arrest Sept. 3 arrest was first reported publicly Sept. 5, prompting him to release a brief statement saying he had come to the defense of women in his group who were being harassed by "rowdies." He left the next day on a planned trip to Russia and has declined further comment.

The man police identified as the victim, Jovan Will, 31 of Mesa, Ariz., was left unconscious and was briefly hospitalized. He has declined comment.

Another man, Rayan Jastaniyah, 22, of San Diego, also was arrested on the same allegations as those against Carrillo. Police said the case against him will be sent to the City Attorney's Office as a misdemeanor allegation of disturbing the peace.

Brown, the police lieutenant, said detectives have determined that none of those identified at the center of the fight — the suspects Carrillo, Jastaniyah and the victim Will — appear to know each other.

Carrillo's trip to Russia is part of a local delegation exploring the history of Russian settlers on the North Coast. He is due to return Friday.

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