<b.Selective memory</b>

EDITOR: Comparing the United States to Greece or Argentina is like comparing apples to oranges ("Time for a change," Letters, Wednesday). They have completely different governments than we do. If we are going to compare countries why not use Denmark, Sweden or the Netherlands? They all have a good national health care, take care of their elderly and poor. Their universities are affordable to everyone. Yet the economies of these countries are sound. One can't compare because they have a different system and government than we do, just as Greece and Argentina do.

As far as the deficit attention disorder, I have wondered about that myself. I am often amazed at how many people woke up on Jan. 21, 2009 and noticed the deficit, the horrible housing and stock market crash. But, hey, they did wake up, and they realized they had someone in the White House they could blame it on. At the Republican convention, the history went from President Ronald Reagan to President Barack Obama — total memory loss in between. Of course, the memories of Reagan are washed clean. You never hear about him raising taxes, tripling the deficit or, dare I say it, giving amnesty to millions of undocumented immigrants


Santa Rosa