Occupy Santa Rosa will sponsor a teach-in on the crisis in U.S. public education Monday February 20th at 6 p.m. at the Arlene Francis Center in Santa Rosa.

Three local high school teachers, John Williams, Simone Harris and James Hart, will speak.

"Children have become a commodity, and education a tool for profit," said Jina Brooks, an Occupy Santa Rosa organizer. "We need to learn what is really going on so we know how to best support our teachers and children."

Topics will include privatization, teacher layoffs, larger class sizes, higher tuition and increased pay for administrators.

Occupy Santa Rosa also is helping with the Santa Rosa Teachers' Association rally next Saturday at Courthouse Square.

The Arlene Francis Center is at 99 Sixth Street. Donations will be accepted at the teach-in, but are not required, Occupy Santa Rosa said.

How to report suspected price gouging in Sonoma County

Email the Sonoma County District Attorney’s Office through the website, da.sonoma-county.org, or call 707-565-2311.


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