<b>Quarterbacks: A</b> Alex Smith had one of his best games — despite a cut nose and half a dozen dropped passes.

<b>Running Backs: B</b> Frank Gore fell short of 100 yards (89), but looked nimble throughout the night.

<b>Receivers: B</b> Too many drops for the group, but Michael Crabtree and TE Vernon Davis came up with big plays.

<b>Offensive Line: B</b> The Lions have a big, mean line, but the 49ers rushed for 5.5 yards a carry.

<b>Defensive Line: B</b> Justin Smith (5 tackles) led a solid effort against the run.

<b>Linebackers: A</b> Patrick Willis and NaVorro Bowman combined for 17 tackles and Aldon Smith had a sack.

<b>Defensive Backs: A</b> Great job keeping Calvin Johnson out of the end zone. Dashon Goldson got an interception.

<b>Special Teams: D</b> Kendall Hunter's fumbled kickoff return could have put the 49ers in an early hole.

<b>Coaching/Overall: A</b> The 49ers were never out of control in this tough, hard-hitting game.