Friday's Letters to the Editor

<b>Romney's world</b>

EDITOR: Maureen Dowd's excellent column on Thursday regarding Mitt Romney mentioned that certain intemperate remarks on the part of the candidate occurred at a fundraiser in "Bock Ration, Flu." ("Let them eat crab cake"). I don't think that readers should be too quick to assume this was a typographical or computer auto-correct error. Romney gives every appearance of living in some world other than the United States of America on planet Earth in the 21st century, and there may indeed be a "Bock Ration, Flu." in the alternative universe he inhabits.



<b>Ill-chosen remarks</b>

EDITOR: I am a retired Foreign Service officer. Last week, I lost four colleagues in Libya. I was stunned and furious when I saw Mitt Romney's statements about the so-called "apologies" coming from our embassy in Cairo. When our missions overseas are under attack, the first rule is that Americans stand together; politics ends at the water's edge. Romney's team didn't feel constrained by considerations of what might be in the best interest of the people under attack. They tried to make political capital. Shame on them.

Then, in a tape of Romney addressing wealthy donors, he said that 47 percent of Americans pay no income taxes, depend totally on the government and support President Barack Obama. Those remarks added insult to injury. Because I support Obama, I am a parasite, a leech on society, someone who pays no taxes and takes whatever I can from the government. I pay about 15 percent of my retirement pay in income tax, local taxes and bond assessments for the hospital, sewage and schools — a higher rate than Romney says he pays.

Romney just doesn't get it when he defines the middle class as those making between $200,000 and $250,000 per annum. The median income in the U.S. is around $50,000. Arithmetic, Mr. Romney.



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