A beautiful thing could happen Saturday in Oakmont, where relations between residents and cyclists could still use some tuning and balancing.

People putting on the third Wii Bowl-a-Thon imagine cyclists and Oakmonters talking and sharing a yuck while virtual bowling to raise money for Kenwood School and community projects of the Kiwanis Club.

The Bowl-a-Thon at the school (oakmontlanes.com) is sure to be fun and, who knows, it could even be healing.

EDUCATING RYAN: We're at the Kendall-Jackson Heirloom Tomato Festival and Sonoma food-scene master John Ash chats on KGO radio with the rebooted station's new weekend food guy, Ryan Scott.

As they wrap up, Scott, a former "Top Chef" contestant who now runs Market & Rye in San Francisco, urges his listeners to come dine in Sonoma County — "gateway to the Napa Wine Country."

It's radio so the audience can't see the grimace on Ash's face as he gives the young chef/broadcaster a brief lesson in Sonoma.

ROB SCHNEIDER was even more of a regular guy when the young comic met young rocker and future Sonoma County restaurateur Franco Fabiani about 30 years ago at North Beach's Caffe Sport.

The actor and the owner of Fabiani's Ristorante now are so tight that Schneider will celebrate his 49th birthday at his friend's Mendocino Avenue dining spot on Sunday.

And the pals invite us. <QA0>

Dinner is $75 to $150, depending on where you sit. Fabiani (francofabiani505@gmail.com) promises good food and plenty of it.

Schneider and Fabiani love a good time but want it to be more, so proceeds will go to the YWCA's local mission against domestic violence.

GOLD STARS to all who noticed the conflicting stories in the PD early this week about personal electronics left behind on Horizon Air planes.

My column shared the delight of Lorena Fisher of Windsor, who discovered she'd left her Kindle on a flight from Seattle, phoned Horizon, got a quick call back and within hours of the flight picked up her e-reader at the Sonoma County airport.

Conversely, a brief on A3 recounted the suspension of an Oregon-based Horizon flight attendant who took home the iPad a passenger had left on a plane.

If you'd care to leave behind one of your valuable electronic devices the next time you fly Horizon, then tell me if you get it back, you can be the tiebreaker.