EDITOR: I feel that the existing high-speed bullet train would very likely become a huge economic burden to any state that constructs that transportation system. The limited points of connectivity, the likely low ridership and the debt obligation of bond financing translate to: "No, no, forget this plan." Debt is a monster that must be kept in a cage.

Our highways urgently need relief. Must we just continue to add more lanes to the highways?

I recommend that a new high-speed rail system for California be proposed to the people of California and the federal government — a BART-style rail system that would connect airport terminals and cities.

I think a BART system would be just great with speeds up to about 100 mph. This system would provide the most relief to our highways, cities and airports. It should be paid for with fuel taxes, at the rate that it is built.

This huge undertaking would require our legislators to let the Bush tax cuts expire or legalize cannabis and hemp — or correct both of these tax evasions.


Santa Rosa