<b>English-only ballots</b>

EDITOR: I cannot believe that anyone would object to any law that would stop voter fraud. It is also unreasonable to expect our voter information to be printed in Spanish, Chinese or any language other than English. Citizens are the only ones who are able to vote, and they should be able to speak the language.

People who have lived here for five, 10 or more years have no excuse not to have mastered enough of the language to read and communicate. To be a naturalized citizen you have to be able to speak the language and have some knowledge of how the U.S. government works. If this is no longer true, we have not helped the new citizens to truly be part of their new country.

My opinion is based on the great honor to be a naturalized citizen of this country.


Santa Rosa

<b>Mall parking</b>

EDITOR: Rather than insult the patrons who shop at the Santa Rosa Plaza, a better solution would be to sell parking permits to those who work outside the mall.

They would park in their designated parking spaces, farthest away from the entrances to the mall, thereby freeing up space for shoppers and not charging the very people who keep the shops in business.


Santa Rosa

<b>Watershed election</b>

EDITOR: It's time to pick a supervisor who values compassion and our environment over profit. Vote for Susan Gorin — 30 years experience as effective public servant.

Gorin, a wife and mother, will fight for funding of programs to serve needy families as the county budget is further reduced.

It is rare to get three supervisors to vote against the perennial power brokers, the Chamber of Commerce, North Coast Builder's Exchange and the Farm Bureau, estimable organizations, good people, but not when they control Sonoma County land-use decisions.

This supervisorial election in the 1st District is uncommonly important because the two incumbents backed by cascades of money from the power brokers are young, and it may be the last real election for supervisor for many years.

Major land-use and human issues coming before the supervisors will continue to favor the people with money, connections and three votes as they have with little interruption for decades.

Susan Gorin is, hands down, the right choice on Nov. 6.



<b>Petaluma settlement</b>

EDITOR: The Deer Creek Village shopping center is at last ready to begin construction ("$200,000 deal avoids Petaluma lawsuit," Sept. 22).

Who says Petaluma isn't a good place for small business? In just two operations, the group going by the name of the Petaluma Neighborhood Association found a successful formula to extract for themselves a clear $300,000. With methods like theirs, who needs an honest job?



<b>Overhyped story</b>

EDITOR: With California's infrastructure crumbling and education in turmoil, I just do not see how the NFL referee lockout is front-page material.


Rohnert Park

<b>Yes on X</b>

EDITOR: I have no problem putting my X in the box for Measure X.

What a deal for $52 a year for a few years. To give children and adults a place to go and enjoy the recreation fields instead of roaming the streets looking for something to do or sitting in their homes looking at the box.

Petaluma has recreational facilities located in convenient places around the city so that we all can take a walk to one of them and enjoy what they have to offer.

Everybody wins, for just $1 a week. What a deal.

Oh, I am a senior citizen and have no children, but I am more than happy to support Measure X.