<b>A kangaroo court</b>

EDITOR: In reference to your Tuesday editorial ("Gun-walking inquiry lacked oversight"), it should also be noted that Republican inquisitor Darrell Issa was the least impartial of investigators.

Issa, in tandem with others of his party, wants nothing less than to take down the Obama administration by hook or by crook.

Your editorial published the week that Attorney General Eric Holder was held in contempt of Congress ("A partisan shoot-out over &‘gun-walking,' " June 23) described the legislative act as "a partisan stunt" and wondered "whether they House Oversight and Government Reform Committee members) just want to use Operation Fast and Furious to score some election-year points."

Invoking the name of the late Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and the 2nd Amendment, Issa and the National Rifle Assocaition expressed outrage at the loss of one life and 2,000 weapons while hypocritically ignoring both the 68,000 firearms and 50,000 some Mexican and American lives lost by their hindering the Justice Department in its attempt to stop the flow of guns into Mexico.