Tuesday's Letters to the Editor

<b>Memorial nurses</b>

EDITOR: I work in the OR at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital and, along with the registered nurses, I am part of the team that provides care for patients when they need it most.

All of us — registered nurses, techs and clerical staff — are proud of the work we do as Sonoma County's trauma center.

We support our registered nurse colleagues, who are part of the Staff Nurses Association, in their efforts to reach a fair contract that maintains their professional standards.

It is unfortunate that the hospital is threatening to unfairly lock out the nurses in the event that they strike today and Wednesday.

As we saw in the dispute between the NFL and the referees, replacement workers cannot do the work of experienced professionals on the football field or in a hospital.

All of us hope that Memorial management agrees to a fair contract with our nurses to avoid this strike and unfair lockout.


Surgical technician, Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital

<b>Fighting for kids</b>

EDITOR: Re-elect Donna Jeye to the Santa Rosa school board. As a teacher at Elsie Allen High School, I see daily the impact of her extraordinary service to our students. She is strong on policy and budget. However, it's the little things that reveal her character, and it's why we must re-elect her.

What makes Jeye a good school board member? She rolls up her sleeves and serves Art Ibleto's pasta to send talented Elsie Allen students to the Edinburgh, Scotland Fringe Festival.

She welcomes to board meetings students who have never been to a government meeting. After they have spoken, she requests a short recess to shake each student's hand. She thanks them for helping the board make the right decision about programs and staffing.

Jeye works for all students, including those whose parents are learning English and had no chance to attend high school themselves. She respects the grit and determination of students and families who risked everything to come to America to build a better life. It is her family's story.

We need smart, tireless, school board members who will never stop fighting for the very best for all of our children. Re-elect Donna Jeye.


Santa Rosa

<b>For Ba?elos</b>

EDITOR: Mark your sample ballot, so that you don't forget: Caroline Ba?elos for Santa Rosa City Council.

Ba?elos has experience in politics: member of the Community Advisory Board, Board of Community Services and the Sonoma County Latino Democratic Club. Also, she has served on nonprofit boards including Social Advocates for Youth and MOVES (Minimizing Occurrences of Violence in Every-day Society.

Ba?elos has served on the Planning Commission since 2009, working diligently with organizations that help keep youngsters out of gangs. She is also co-chairwoman of the Cinco de Mayo Organizing Committee, the group has brought about a successful event for seven consecutive years.

Ba?elos knows well the needs of low-income people. To assist them, she has been a volunteer coordinator for homeless women and children's projects.

With a degree in political science and a career in small business and corporate law firms, she knows exactly what is expected of her as a member of the City Council.

Besides her education and experience, she comes with great enthusiasm and much energy. Let's elect her.


Santa Rosa

<b>Two for Cotati</b>

EDITOR: Cotati may be in danger of electing a tea party candidate to the City Council, and this would be a terrible embarrassment for our relatively progressive city. I urge all caring citizens to re-elect John Dell'Osso and Susan Harvey. These people have shown their commitment to our city in the past, and I have confidence that they will continues to do so in the future. I am saying this with a perspective of having lived in Cotati for almost 50 years. As in theater, politics has its entrances and its exits, and we must choose the right players for the parts. <i>Multi sunt vocati pauci varo electi.</i> Many are called, few are elected. We must have the right ones.