EDITOR: Hope and change? Take a look.

Economy: Our national debt is $17 trillion and more under Barack Obama than all the other presidents put together. Joblessness is higher than when he took office. It was started by the Democrat-led subprime loans. Obama said he could fix the economy, but 3? years later, it is horrible.

Unity: Obama would create more racial division and class differences than under any other president.

Foreign policy: Our friends are enemies, and enemies burn Obama in effigy and attack our embassies. The truth is withheld (it's terrorism) and an attack is blamed on a YouTube video released months before.

Big government: It equals less freedom. Forty-seven unelected czars make laws and U.N. forces are being trained to go door-to-door to remove our guns. Eliminating Christian and conservative radio and TV is next.

Body counts: Released daily under George W. Bush, they're never mentioned now. It's 2,000 in Afghanistan.

Had enough change?