Prosecutors said Thursday they are pursuing felony charges against five of 13 people arrested last week in a southwest Santa Rosa marijuana raid.

Investigations are continuing on six people and two cases have been rejected for criminal filing, prosecutor Anne Masterson said.

The arrests resulted from a Sept. 26 sweep of backyard gardens at 32 homes in a neighborhood near Moorland Avenue. Local police and federal agents in riot gear seized more than 1,100 plants, 96 pounds of processed marijuana and other drugs and a small cache of guns.

Prosecutors charged three with felony possession and cultivation for sale and two with felony cultivation. Four faced illegal gun enhancements, including one for possession of a sawed-off shotgun. One couple was charged additionally with four counts of misdemeanor child endangerment.

At least two of those charged remained in custody Thursday. An attorney for one of the men said several people who did not get charged were being deported. Prosecutors could not confirm Thursday whether any of those arrested were turned over to immigration officials.

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