<b>Too much TV?</b>

EDITOR: Please let me see if I read this right? "Big Government: It equals less freedom. Forty-seven unelected czars make laws, and U.N. forces are being trained to go door to door to remove our guns" ("Enough change?", Letters, Tuesday) Poor Jan MacInnis. Perhaps eliminating conservative radio and TV would be a good thing.



<b>Quality of quantity?</b>

EDITOR: The district elections issue — Measure Q in Santa Rosa — is too important to become a casualty of slogans and fuzzy math.

If I am one of 10,000 people voting in a district election, my vote counts much more than when I am only one of 70,000 people voting in a citywide race for several seats. In government, quantity is no substitute for quality.

Further, I am most likely to get to know the candidates in a district election. The quality of my vote is likely to be far better when I can choose between candidates whom I have met and who live nearby.

Santa Rosa's present election system seems haphazard to me. I support Measure Q.


Santa Rosa

<b>Why the fireworks?</b>

EDITOR: Our state, California, is a "drought state." It is normal for such states to experience flurries of brush fires in fire season. Such fires often result in damage to wildlife and homes. Northern California has not experienced nature's brush burnings for many years, and we are currently in peak fire season until the arrival of rainy season, which generally arrives on Halloween Eve.

Regarding the unannounced and risky use of fireworks to celebrate the long-awaited opening of the Green Music Center, what's wrong with celebrating with a nice orchestra? This is a music center.

I received a panic phone call from my distraught 83-year-old neighbor. She and her disabled 60-year-old son were asleep and startled awake. They were terrified by the sound of "those explosions." I assured her just a neighborhood fool setting off illegal fireworks.

It appears I was close to being correct.


Rohnert Park

<b>Right to know</b>

EDITOR: I was surprised to see your editorial against Proposition 37, the right to know (what's in our food) initiative for three reasons. One, there is all this hoopla about how you're not allowed to endorse candidates now that The Press Democrat has a new owner. Two: You've had such glowing articles about the Heirloom Festival and such regular commitment to sustainability and healthy living. And three: You tend to research initiatives before coming out so strongly for or against them. You have not done so in this case.

The reasons you encourage people to vote no come right from the opposition's website and include the misleading claim that this initiative will raise food prices. Really? There have been no independent studies on this — your fact comes from a study funded by the No on 37 Campaign.

This grass-roots campaign is about Californians choosing what the citizens of 50 other countries already enjoy — the right to know, via a few words changed on a label, what's in the food we eat. Check out http://www.carighttoknow.org/endorsements to see the 2,700-plus endorsements from organizations, professionals and also many farmers like me who believe Californians have a right to know what they're eating.


Santa Rosa

<b>Think business</b>

EDITOR: I think voting for a pro-business candidate makes good sense at this time. We're not talking big corporations. Right now, we're talking start-ups and growth of small business — where the jobs come from. You could check online to see if the jobs here in Petaluma are mainly with small or smaller enterprises. I bet they are.

Most important is that when the economy grows, it's the one thing that does lift all boats. Welfare is a good safety net, but work is better for the heart, the soul, the attitude, the economy and the government. When the economy grows, it means more money in wallets for persons and families and the private and public sectors, too. It means more money for all government agencies, including education, recreation and even the EPA.

I think that's a good thing to note and remember as you go to the polls next month.