<b>No earth, no economy</b>

EDITOR: From the Coho salmon to the lone wolf OR7 that has roamed back into his natural habitat in California, I think it's time for people to make saving our natural resources a No. 1 issue. Don't people understand that without a healthy planet and without salmon in our streams, without other mammals that share this planet with us we will eventually destroy ourselves?

I believe a lot of people don't think about anyone but themselves. As long as they have a cell phone, everything is OK.

It's time to understand this scientific fact: If there is no earth, there is no economy. And no, Mitt Romney, God isn't going to save us. He sent us the boat to help, the so-called intelligence of the human brain, but we haven't used the brains that he gave us. Money, greed and power have hurt us all and especially the wild lands and the wildlife. The human population is seven billion. If I was to stand in China and count the people that walked by me, it would take me my entire life.

One wolf in California? Wow, we are a selfish species.


Santa Rosa