<b>Reducing gas prices</b>

EDITOR: The governor and California's government must do more, much more, to reduce gasoline prices within the state, ensure the provision of adequate and stable supplies of gasoline and create conditions in which gasoline prices within California are consistently at par with gasoline prices nationally. All of this can and must be done without weakening or loosening California's strong, effective and appropriate environmental laws, rules and regulations.

For too long, California government has bent to the desire and choices of the state's profitable and excessively powerful gasoline suppliers. And, for too long, as a result of gasoline suppliers' policies and practices, Californians have paid significantly more for gasoline than other Americans. Both of these situations must end.

When just one of the state's oil refineries slows or ceases operations, California's gas prices increase. When all of the state's refineries are operating, gasoline prices still greatly exceed the national average. Neither situation should exist.

What are California's governor and the state Legislature going to do to create more refining capacity within the state, while enforcing the state's environmental statutes and regulations? What is California's government going to do to assert its authority representing the state's citizens in these matters?