A fight during a marijuana sale apparently triggered a shooting at a west Santa Rosa neighborhood apartment complex that left one man with a belly wound.

Santa Rosa police detectives Tuesday were looking for two men and a woman seen driving away from the Piner Road shooting scene, Santa Rosa police Sgt. David Linscomb reported.

"It appears to be related to a marijuana deal gone bad," Linscomb said.

Miguel Gudino, 33, of Santa Rosa, who'd been assaulted as well as shot, remained hospitalized Tuesday. He wasn't cooperating fully with detectives, said Linscomb.

The shooting was reported at about 8:45 p.m. Monday when several people called 911. They told dispatchers they'd heard gunfire and yelling at the Piner Road apartments.

Officers found the injured man in the parking lot on the pavement.

Nearby was a plastic bag containing one pound of marijuana, said Linscomb.

Two men were seen getting into a light-colored, newer-model sedan, with a woman behind the wheel. Police have only generic descriptions of the trio.

One man, who described himself as a neighbor, said he heard two shots and screams for help. He then saw at least two people kicking a man on the ground before two more shots rang out.

Linscomb said it still was unclear who was selling the marijuana and who was buying.

Detectives also didn't think the people involved lived in the complex and it wasn't clear why the alleged deal occurred there, said the sergeant.

Linscomb said violence involving marijuana is becoming more common.

"With the prevalence of marijuana these days and especially with it being more frequently grown inside urban areas, we see a lot of marijuana-related robberies in the city," said Linscomb. "More so than what it used to be."

Less than three weeks ago, a man arrived at a Santa Rosa hospital suffering from a gunshot wound to his face.

Law enforcement officials said he'd been shot during an attempted theft at a marijuana garden outside Santa Rosa.

Linscomb asked anyone with information about the Piner Road shooting to contact Detective Brian Reynolds at (707) 543-3590.

You can reach Staff Writer Randi Rossman at 521-5412 or randi.rossmann@pressdemocrat.com.