EDITOR: Sonoma State University is going to close the free counseling clinic that served our community for more than 30 years. This action leaves a void for the people it has served — the working class, the unemployed and the student who knows enough to seek guidance instead of boozing in the Wine Country dorms.

The counseling center helped me when I was a struggling re-entry student who worked nights and weekends. A professional intern listened to me while I shared my struggles. The intern was guided by psychological professionals, and in 10 visits, I was able to stay with my academic goals.

Sonoma State has lost much: a psychology center that once supported students and the community, a re-entry program that once served returning adults and a loss of state funding that allowed the necessary classes to graduate. All these are gone, and debt and stress for college students is on the rise.

It would be terrible to have a suicide that could have been prevented. Yet Sonoma State is spending millions on the Green Music Center. Perhaps it can offer those in need of counseling free seats for the upcoming inaugural season.