A small package of marijuana found in a Mendocino County Jail cell this week prompted a larger find of more marijuana stuffed inside of a toilet paper roll and a sock, jail officials reported Wednesday.

The marijuana totalled 33 grams and was divided into about eight, one-inch balled segments and was mixed with tobacco, said Mendocino Lt. John Bednar.

It was found in the cell of Jesse Bacon, 51, of Willits.

The amount of marijuana was large for being found inside of a jail, said Bednar.

Bacon was in jail awaiting sentencing for a car theft and methamphetamine possession case, said Bednar.

Wednesday Bacon was arraigned on a felony charge of possessing drugs in a jail.

The search started Monday morning during a routine inspection.

Corrections Deputy William Hardman found the small package on a desk in Bacon's cell.

About 50 inmates then were searched and removed from their cells while the officer and Britt, a sheriff's narcotics dog, searched all of the cells.

The dog focussed on a sock and the toilet paper roll, which were on a bunk.

The toilet paper roll held a tobacco package containing tobacco and marijuana. The sock held a lighter, cigarette rolling-paper and six small bundles of tobacco, chewing tobacco and marijuana.

Bacon had recently been out of jail on a court-ordered pass and jail officials believe he hid the marijuana in his rectum.

"We do search folks very well. We do a strip search and check their bodies," said Bednar.