EDITOR: My gasp startled the lady sitting nearby in a local restaurant. When I showed her the March 20 article "CSU boosts president salaries," she became angry. CSU administrators justify a 10 percent pay increase as "necessary to attract and retain top executive talent." Meaning: They are luring someone, using an obscene amount of money, to do what? Students, faculty and staff struggle with less while tuition continuously increases.

I have a better idea: Hire me as a CSU president. I will cheerfully work for $60,000 a year plus benefits and travel expenses, and I will use the rest to fund programs. I have excellent leadership skills, experience and references. As a former adjunct instructor for the CSU, UC and California Community College systems, I am well versed in the needs of students, faculty and staff.

A college president needs to be an advocate for quality education and understand the necessity of intellectual diversity and creativity for the evolution of a vibrant society. Students don't need someone to mumble inane platitudes and be an obstacle to their life's purpose. Students need a president willing to take money away from greedy executives and invest it in their future.