EDITOR: Save Our Sonoma Roads encourages those who are concerned about our failing road infrastructure to vote for John Sawyer. He recognizes that this problem will not be addressed seriously unless the county general fund contribution for road maintenance returns at least to the level of 1990. Sawyer has a well-conceived plan to reorient county spending priorities to address this economic, public safety and quality of life issue.

JFK observed that "to govern is to choose." We believe it critical to elect supervisors who choose to take bold and quick action to control county spending, direct funding to roads and adopt creative solutions to maintain our road infrastructure. Without such action, many of our citizens will be doomed to live on roads from the pre-automobile era.

SOSroads is a county-wide citizens' group that advocates for an improved allocation of public funds to roads.

Fixing our road system will cost tens of millions of additional dollars annually. Maintaining roads has been a fundamental county responsibility since Sonoma County was formed in 1855. Our economic viability and quality of life are directly affected by our ability to move safely and effectively on our roads.


<i>Santa Rosa</i>