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We don't just cover the North Bay. We live here.
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Thunder rolled across Sonoma County Sunday in a storm of joy as San Francisco Giants fans leaped from their chairs.

More than 2,000 miles away, Giants pitcher Sergio Romo struck out the side, cinching the title with a third strike against Detroit Tigers' Miguel Cabrera.

The moment shook a neighborhood bar on a quiet corner in west Santa Rosa where regulars have become friends. After hours of holding their breath, few at the West Side Pub on Marlow Road could put the moment into words.

"Amazing!" said bartender Cal Ferrere, a little bit stunned.

Ferrere and several regulars leaped into each other's arms.

"They did a sweep, a sweep! It was a perfect game!" Josh Jensen, 38, of Santa Rosa said.

Strangers thumped each others' backs and hugged. Patrons stood on stools and without irony sang Freddie Mercury's classic lyrics: "We are the champions of the world."

Each hit, run and out brought a sea of black-and-orange beads, shirts, caps and amber-colored brews jumped from their seats and hollered in the normally calm pub that owner Shannon Klein has owned for eight years.

"It's crazy. Everyone is going nuts over every play," said Ferrere from behind the bar.

Ferrere, a bartender at the pub for five years, pulled up a pant leg and showed off a Giants logo tattoo added to the Golden Gate Bridge and an orange-and-black nautical star inked on his right calf.

Moments before Romo threw the last pitch, Michelle Nichols, 37, of Santa Rosa said she felt he brought all the luck the team needed.

"Sergio has a great attitude. The man is positive," Nicholls said.

Before Romo threw the pitch that ended the game, it was hope, superstition and loyalty that filled the seats at the bar throughout the game. Perched at the edge of his bar stool, Tekaly Semere's method was simple.

"I pray," said Semere, 56, of Santa Rosa.

"In my heart, I'd like it to end now," said John Perezchica of Santa Rosa, two stools down.

Across the room and seated on a covered pool table, Patrick Cunneen, 79, hoped he brought luck to his team in the form of a Barry Bonds commemorative pin affixed to his hat.

His wife Betty, who died last March, believed rubbing the pin helped lead the team to victory in the past, and so Cunneen said he would do the same.

"She's not here so I'm rubbing it for her," said Cunneen said, a retired Daly City firefighter.

Jensen said he knew the Giants can break a fan's heart.

And that's why he cut off his hair.

In 2010, he braced himself against hope and made a bet with a woman that he'd chop off his long hair if they won.

After the 2010 series, she showed up at his house with a barber.

"Fair is fair," said Jensen, who works at a Post Office facility in Oakland.

But this year he was making no bets.

Was the win a miracle? Cunneen said he believed his wife's spirit brought divine inspiration.

"The button did it," Cunneen said. "I wish she was here with me. But we had 53 good years."

On a stool at the bar next to her fianc? Jessica Medeiros, 28, said that it's no coincidence that the Giants took the World Series this year.

The preschool teacher, Santa Rosa native and lifelong Giants fan believes that her team's luck follows hers.

In 2010 when the team won against the Texas Rangers, it was the year she began dating her fianc? Vince Ferracuti, 30. And in September, the couple became engaged. They plan to marry in 2014.

"2014, here we go Giants!" she said.

You can reach Staff Writer Julie Johnson at 521-5220, julie.johnson@pressdemocrat.com or on Twitter @jjpressdem.

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