A Petaluma cheerleader injured Saturday during a stunt just before a Lake County football game was flown to a Sacramento hospital, Lake County fire officials reported Sunday.

St. Vincent High School cheerleader Meredith Highland was treated at UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento and later discharged, said a hospital official Sunday.

The St. Vincent cheer squad was in Lake County Saturday for a game with Upper Lake High School. They were practicing a lift when one girl began to fall.

Highland apparently tried to catch the falling girl, St. Vincent football coach Gary Galloway said.

The girl landed on top of Highland, who complained of neck and back pain, said a Northshore Lake County firefighter Sunday.

"Everybody was concerned," said Galloway, who didn't see the accident but was on the field with his team at the time.

The girl was able to move but due to the neck pain, firefighters called for the medical helicopter.

"She had all the feeling she needed to have. They were trying to make sure," said Galloway.

The fall occurred at about 2:15 p.m.

The game was postponed while the Reach helicopter arrived on the edge of the field and paramedics tended to the girl.

"With the helicopter coming and landing it was a big event for everybody," said the longtime varsity coach.