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We don't just cover the North Bay. We live here.
Did You Know? In the first 10 days of the North Bay fire, we posted 390 stories about the fire. And they were shared nearly 137,000 times.
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<b>Campaign dream</b>

EDITOR: I dream that every time there is a political election, we will receive in the mail one (yes — 1, one, I, uno) mailing only, with all the information about the candidate, what his or her goals are, and how he or she will reach them. There will be no speeches, debates, TV ads or phone calls. All financial contributions will be given to charity.

Did I tell you I was dreaming?



<b>Gorin's the one</b>

EDITOR: The voters in the 1st District need a supervisor who will make sound decisions on the range of complex issues facing Sonoma County and who will represent the interests of all the people in the district not just large campaign contributors. That person is Susan Gorin.

Gorin is known for her steadfast commitment to the environment. However, she understands and appreciates the needs and concerns of small business owners, having started a small business with her husband, Joe, which they ran together for 10 years.

Gorin has served Santa Rosa as a council member, mayor and as a representative on a number of regional boards and commissions. She has a firm grasp of the big issues facing our county related to water, transportation, education, economic development and the need for sustainable financial management.

Gorin is not supported by big moneyed development interests and will not be beholden to them in representing the interests of all the people in the 1st District. I urge the voters in the 1st District to join me in voting for Susan Gorin for supervisor.


City councilman, Sonoma

<b>California dreaming</b>

EDITOR: In a speech to seniors at Piner High School (" &‘Get involved,' Woolsey urges," Saturday), Rep. Lynn Woolsey said, "Thank your stars that this is one of the best educated areas. Imagine Mississippi. Imagine the hills of Kentucky." Really? Kentucky's hills (and hollers) are 28th in the nation. California is 43rd, barely ahead of Mississippi at 48th.


Hidden Valley Lake

<b>Roundabouts: A bad idea</b>

EDITOR: Since November, hundreds of residents have opposed Cotati's plan to transform the run-down northern gateway. The Village Main Street plan eliminates three of five lanes, cutting traffic to one lane in each direction, imposes an 18-foot center strip blocking left-hand turns and stuffs two roundabouts into four blocks, with stoplights constricting traffic at both ends.

Recently, I spoke with Capt. Robert Bilz of the San Diego Fire Department. There are five single-lane roundabouts near his station. His crews used to be first or second to respond to first-alarm emergencies in neighboring communities. Now, because of the single-lane roundabouts, they are dead last.

Many businesses in the immediate area say this plan will damage them greatly. Due to continuing uncertainty, Oliver's has dropped its plans to build an $18 million development in the area.

But the City Council and staff continue to dismiss legitimate questions regarding public safety and the well-being of local businesses. They are conducting an aggressive campaign to convince voters that their single-lane roundabout plan is actually in the public good. Clearly, it is not. Please help stop these ill-conceived roundabouts and the arrogant politicians behind them. Visit www.noroundabouts.com And vote yes on Measure U.



<b>Combative commentary</b>

EDITOR: I have lived in Petaluma and been an active member of the Petaluma Park Neighborhood Association since 1994, and I have attended many City Council and Planning Commission meetings regarding what is now known as the Deer Creek development.

I was disappointed in the combative diatribe exhibited by Councilman Mike Healy ("Their goal was to kill Friedman's project," Close to Home, Oct. 12) in his response to Janice Cader-Thompson ("Petalumans were doing the City Council's job," Close to Home, Oct. 8). She accurately pointed out the failure of the City Council majority of Healy, Gabe Kearney, Chris Albertson and Mike Harris to adequately mitigate the negative impacts the traffic from this project will bring to our town.

Many times, I and others asked for mitigations and amenities, but our pleas fell on the deaf ears of the council majority. Cader-Thompson did a tremendous amount of work, as did Paul Francis, in achieving additional benefits for our community and offsetting a few of the many negative impacts.

For this they should be thanked, not belittled and criticized by Healy.

Please join me in voting for polite, respectful independent council members who will better represent us. I strongly recommend Jason Davies, Alicia Kae Herries and Tiffany Renee.



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