EDITOR: I was watching "The Three Stooges" when I picked up Saturday's paper with the headline: "Brown OKs casino." I don't know how you feel about a casino wedged in between KRCB's radio studio, the California Highway Patrol, Home Depot and Scandia's miniature golf, but building a 500,000-square-foot casino there seems nutty to me. Then it hit me. Larry: Gov. Jerry Brown; Moe: Supervisor David Rabbitt ("It's really about making sure that we're not going to be out of pocket a dime"); Curly: Sonoma State professor Lynn Cominsky ("Sonoma County will benefit from the jobs . . .").

OK, maybe I watched too many "Three Stooges" episodes. Maybe Station Casinos won't do what it's done in the Las Vegas area (18 casinos now, but bankruptcy in 2009). Supporters might be right. A casino will bring folks from all over the Bay Area, especially on weekends and holidays, to play the slots or have a great time losing their hard-earned money playing keno or blackjack. Highway 101 isn't a piece of cake on any Friday; it sure wasn't the last time I was unlucky enough to be on it. Maybe it won't bring in criminals and low-lifes. Could be the Better Business Bureau will give it a gold star for civic excellence. Somehow, however, I doubt it.


Santa Rosa