A Leggett woman who called 911 when her marijuana sales deal went sour ended up in jail briefly, along with two men she said stole her pot, reported Mendocino County sheriff's officials Tuesday.

Kristen Wright, 32, arranged a meeting to sell them 10 pounds of marijuana she'd grown and harvested, reported Mendocino sheriff's Lt. Greg Van Patten.

"She thought she was supposed to be getting $20,000. It turned out to be about $400," said Van Patten. "She got duped."

After she'd handed over the marijuana she found that the bundles of cash had $100 bills only on the top layer. The rest were $1 bills.

By then the buyers had gone. The woman and a friend went after them in a car, heading south down Highway 101, said Van Patten.

She called 911 to report she'd been robbed, launching deputies toward Leggett with a description including that two of them were in a dark-colored Scion and a third was in a light-colored Jeep.

Deputies stopped the Scion in Laytonville. Inside were Christopher Jaramillo, 18, of Willington and Jose Lemus, 20, of San Pedro and more than 10 pounds of marijuana, sheriff's officials reported.

Wright also arrived in Laytonville. Deputies arrested all three on suspicion of possessing marijuana for sale. The two men also were arrested on suspicion of transporting marijuana and conspiracy.

They were booked into the Mendocino County Jail in lieu of $30,000 each.

The two men posted bail late last week and are scheduled to appear in court on November 26 for arraignment.

The Mendocino County District Attorney's Office subsequently released Wright from custody without filing charges against her, according to county jail records.