<b>Tax inequity</b>

EDITOR: I want to fix our schools as much as anyone, but before we raise taxes or add a parcel tax, let's look at Proposition 13. Having moved to Sebastopol four years ago, I can't help but feel resentful that my property tax burden is about the same as five of our neighbors combined. Because they have lived here much longer, their taxes are tied to values assessed decades ago.

It isn't fair to be subjected to additional taxes when such inequity exists. The premise for Proposition 13 — runaway housing prices and skyrocketing property taxes — is no longer true. Other states protect seniors by locking in their property taxes when they reach retirement age. With Proposition 13, we grant this benefit not only to residents but also to commercial properties, many of which have even changed ownership.

I'm happy to pay my fair share, and I'm not asking for a tax cut. I'm just asking for everyone else to pitch in at the same level. When there is equity in property taxes and the schools need more money, I'll be happy to pay more. But Proposition 13 is the elephant in the room, and it's time to address it. Until then, I'm voting no on Propositions 30 and 38 and Measure O.



<b>Sebastopol's future</b>

EDITOR: With the Sebastopol general plan update process about to take place, the coming City Council elections take on added importance.

What kind of town do we want? Sebastopol might want to follow the model of Healdsburg and Sonoma; their general plans favor local businesses and prohibit downtown drive-thrus and formula and chain stores. We don't want dead-end, minimum-wage jobs but instead jobs that lead to careers for our kids. CVS/Chase has none of that.

I believe City Council candidates Robert Jacob and John Eder hold positions most in tune with these ideas, and if they can join other progressive and visionary thinkers, we can plan the kind of future for Sebastopol that will maintain our cherished and viable small-town character.



<b>Two for Santa Rosa</b>

EDITOR: Voters are being misled about why there are divisions among Santa Rosa City Council members. I am a council watcher and can verify this: Councilman Gary Wysocky's unpopularity with the mayor and his allies comes from Wysocky's tenacity in protecting public funds.

Wysocky's assertion that the recent police contract didn't go far enough in protecting the whole of the city's budget and functions was done in service to taxpayers and residents who expect all city services to be supported.

Candidate Julie Combs is one of the savviest, most public-minded people I have met in recent years, and I'm grateful to her for running. She brings a broad range of skills and educational backgrounds that would make her a gem of a council person — one capable of analysis and positive action that is so needed on any council.

A recent flier against these commendable public servants was deceptive and reprehensible. Gary Wysocky and Julie Combs deserve your votes.


Santa Rosa

<b>Pulley's dedication</b>

EDITOR: It has been brought to my attention that a smear campaign against Karyn Pulley is taking place in Rohnert Park. Robo-calls are spreading vicious and misleading information about her as she campaigns for a seat on the school board.

As an experienced teacher (39 years in the Cotati-Rohnert Park Unified School District), I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Pulley. In all of our interactions, she has been nothing but positive, effective, honest, reflective and energetic. Over the years she has supported teachers and students in their endeavors.

I know that any time I had a concern, Pulley was a willing listener who, after listening, truly addressed each issue with passion and conviction. We didn't always agree, but I always knew that she would do what was best for our kids, our teachers and our district.

I urge every voter to take a look at Pulley's accomplishments as a school board member. In doing so, you will know that she is an amazing candidate who deserves another term on the Cotati-Rohnert Park school board. I have nothing but admiration, praise and appreciation for this woman who has done so much for the education community in Rohnert Park.