If you're up for a plane flight to New York this month, you could see the stand-up comic and TV star Aziz Ansari at the Apollo Theater on Nov. 9 or Carnegie Hall on Nov. 11.

Or you could save yourself a trip and see him sooner, at 8 p.m. Sunday in Weill Hall at the Green Music Center in Rohnert Park.

Ansari (Tom Haverford on the NBC-TV series "Parks and Recreation") also keeps up a busy schedule of live appearances, including a recent Australian tour.

Ansari was born in Columbia, S.C., to a Muslim family from Tamil Nadu in southern India.

Santa Rosa comedian and comedy show promoter Juan Carlos Arenas said he admires the way Ansari refuses to let his ethnic background completely dominate his comedy.

"The refreshing thing about him is that obviously he's of Indian heritage but he'll do jokes about 7-Eleven and everyday things," Arenas said. "And if you like pop culture and you like famous people, you'll find him really funny, because he talks about that."

Admission: $39. Information: sonoma.edu.