EDITOR: The Occupy movement, and Occupy Santa Rosa in particular, is going strong. We have not gotten much media coverage over the winter, but we have been meeting constantly, holding some actions of protest locally and preparing for the spring and summer. It's odd to me that the news media aren't more interested since we're talking about things that are so important to society. True, the movement needs to stay on message and appeal to the 99 percent, and that is some of the work that has been going on over the winter.

Occupy Santa Rosa is inviting everyone back to the streets beginning at 1 p.m. Saturday at Courthouse Square for a day of both fun and protest. Our public schools are out of funds, our younger generation is in debt, and our political candidates are allowed to take untraceable money from PACs (in fact, they have to in order to compete).

The first community agreement of Occupy Santa Rosa is the system is broken. If you agree, come and join us this weekend. It's up to all of us to work to address these issues.


Santa Rosa