EDITOR: I live in the west Santa Rosa neighborhood where vehicles were torched and left smoldering ("Arsonist in west SR sets five vehicles on fire," Tuesday). I walk that route each morning with my dogs. It is a dark street, several lights are out or flicker on and off. Of particular note are the Neighborhood Watch signs posted on Baggett Drive and a few of the adjacent courts.

Apparently the "watchers" weren't watching, or the thugs who vandalized the cars didn't pay attention to the signs.

Beyond that, it is sad that the delinquents, juvenile or otherwise, who get off on this type of behavior are targeting quiet, homey neighborhoods, victimizing hard-working middle-class families. I'll bet they wouldn't like it if the tables were turned. In fact, I'd like to be the person who turned their tables or at the very least be there when they were.

I have owned my home in this neighborhood since 1993 and until a few years ago never had any issues at all. Now we're planning to invest in a surveillance system as our neighbors did last year. Sad, really.


Santa Rosa