LeBARON: A time before Sonoma County was true-blue liberal

An election is nigh, as you may have noticed. So, since my job is to supply bits and piece of our collective past, this seems like a good time to consider the history of political Sonoma County.

Let's begin by acknowledging that this piece of paradise we call home has not always been the snug (dare I say "smug?") little nest of liberalism that the majority revels in today.

Oh, yeah. I know that the Democrats have ruled the political roost here since, it would seem, "the memory of man runneth not to the contrary." But, with perspective as a goal, it's good to know when that perception began and how it really was, back when.

In the 20th century, when politics were more personal than party, almost everyone in these parts was, by today's definition, a conservative — at least, until the hard times of the '30s, when a few vocal socialists and communists emerged.

In our earlier, 19th century history, settlers and squatters from the southern border states brought a brand of Confederate Democratic politics. And it's true that most of our elected representatives through much of the 20th century were Democrats. But they were not the kind of Democrat you find today.

Remember that there was a lynching here in 1920 and a widely-publicized tar-and-feather episode in 1935 that put the county squarely on the American Civil Liberties Union's watch list. Up until 30 years ago or so, this was a very conservative place to live and to vote.

Democrat or Republican, our representatives in Congress and Sacramento were, to a man (there were no women), conservatives.

Clarence Lea is a good example. Lea holds the district record for the most terms in Congress. A former Sonoma County district attorney, he represented Sonoma County (and ten other counties) for 32 years, from 1916 to 1948.

He was a Democrat from start to finish, but in the days of cross-filing, he won both party's primaries in all but two of his 16 elections.

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