EDITOR: While waiting for the light to turn in front of the Finley Community Center, I noticed something disturbing. The sign said, "Spring Egg Hunt." Have we become so politically correct that we can't say Easter anymore?

Is spring egg hunting a new seasonal sport? Last time I checked, watching children hunt for eggs was part of the Easter tradition. Yes, I said it. Easter. Already the P.C. police have replaced "Merry Christmas" with the bland "Happy Holidays." Now they are after the Easter eggs? Will the Easter bunny be hunted down next?

I choose to believe that most people are perfectly accepting of the language of religion, even if it isn't their own. Is anyone really offended by a sign that says Easter egg hunt, or have we gone nuts trying to generalize everything?

And the Finley center is not alone. The sign in front of the Santa Rosa Community Center has purged the word Easter from its egg hunt, too. Thumbs up to the fairgrounds, they got it right. Happy Easter egg hunting, folks.


Santa Rosa