Here are the charter schools in Sonoma County, their enrollment in 2011-12 and their home district:

Abraxis Charter School, 61 (Santa Rosa City High)

Binkley School, 391 (Rincon Valley Union)

Cali Calm?ac Language Academy, 1,006 (Windsor Unified)

California Virtual Academy, 1,159 (Liberty)

Credo High School, 39, (Cotati-Rohnert Park)

Dunham Charter School, 160 (Dunham)

Forestville Academy, 306 (Forestville Union)

Gravenstein Elementary School, 426 (Gravenstein)

Healdsburg Charter School

HES campus grades K-2, 92

Fitch Mountain campus grades 3-6, opened 2012 (Healdsburg)

Hillcrest Middle School, 259 (Gravenstein)

Insight School of California, North Bay, 159 (Windsor Unified)

Kawana Academy of Arts and Sciences, 418 (Belleveue)

Kid Street Charter School, 51 (Santa Rosa)

Liberty School, 155 (Liberty)

Live Oak Charter School, 268 (Petaluma)

Mark West Charter School, 182 (Mark West Union)

Mary Collins at Cherry Valley Charter School, 405 (Petaluma)

Miwok Valley Language Academy Charter School, 515 (Old Adobe)

Northwest Prep at Piner-Olivet, 122 (Piner-Olivet Union)

Oak Grove/Willowside School

Oak Grove Elementary School grades 1-5, 429

Willowside Middle School grades 6-8, 438 (Oak Grove Union)

Old Adobe Charter Charter School, 291 (Old Adobe)

Olivet Charter School, 377 (Piner-Olivet)

Orchard View School, 187 (Twin Hills Union)

Pathways Charter School, 505 (Harmony Union)

Piner-Olivet Charter School, 210 (Piner-Olivet Union)

Pivot Online Charter School, 30 (Oak Grove Union)

REACH School, 61 (Sebastopol Union)

Riebli Elementary School, 329 (Mark West)

Rincon Valley Charter School, 166 (Rincon Valley Union)

River Montessori Charter School, 153 (California State Board of Education)

Roseland Charter School

Roseland Accelerated Middle, 308

Roseland Collegiate Prep, opened 2012

Roseland University Prep, 397 (Roseland)

Salmon Creek: A Charter School, 153 (Harmony Union)

San Miguel Elementary School, 409 (Mark West)

Santa Rosa Accelerated Charter School, 128 (Santa Rosa)

Santa Rosa Charter School, 194 (Santa Rosa)

Santa Rosa Charter School for the Arts, 332 (Santa Rosa)

Santa Rosa French-American Charter School, opened 2012 (Santa Rosa)

Schaefer Charter School, 449 (Piner-Olivet)

Sebastopol Independent Charter School, 268 (Sebastopol Union)

Sixth Grade Academy at Petaluma Junior High, 58 (Petaluma)

Sonoma Charter School, 233 (Sonoma Valley Unified)

Sonoma Mountain Charter School, 436 (Old Adobe)

Spring Creek Matanzas Charter School

Spring Creek Campus, Grades K-2, 271

Matanzas Campus, Grades 3-6, 312 (Rincon Valley)

SunRidge School, 193 (Twin Hills Union)

Twin Hills Middle School, 311 (Twin Hills Union)

Village Charter School, 109 (Windsor Unified)

Village School, 408 (Rincon Valley Union)

Whited (Douglas L.) School, 456 (Rincon Valley Union)

Woodland Star Charter School, 220 (Sonoma Valley Union)

Wright Charter School, 530 (Wright)

SOURCE: Sonoma County Office of Education